Progressive Discussion focused on killings in Chicago… It’s not Fake News!

Again I’m astounded by the reluctance of the Progressive leaders in Chicago to do anything about the killings that happen every day In Chicago.  They are 50% greater this year than last.

I’m astounded there is not more focused outrage.  This one city alone has has more violence inflicted against minorities every year than all the Terror Attacks and mass killings in the entire US combined over the past 10 years.

In 2016 just so far there have been 708 killings and 4350 shootings alone.

Not one single Democrat Congressman or Senator has addressed or focused on this center of violence.  The only thing they say is we need more gun control in the face of the strongest gun control in the nation in this area.  They focus on controlling and limiting and monitoring police actions when this problem is staring them in the face and it’s not the police doing the shooting and the shootings are not in response to any police actions.

They don’t even want to talk about this.  They would rather spend time on bathroom access.  I’m sorry but the killings of 708 people in a small area and the shooting of 4350 people in that same small area should have a much higher priority for them.  It does for me.

Jesus Christ!  What is wrong with you people?  This is worse than all the terror attacks in the EU combined over the past 10 years and that mobilized the entire continent of Europe as well as the US.

It seems the Progressive Leadership of Chicago just does not care.  Oh but wait Mayor Rahm Emanuel has stated it’s a sanctuary city and people are safe there.  I suppose he does not mean the citizens, just the illegal aliens.
If you want to see more statistics in almost real time about this check out this site…

Year over Year shooting statistics in Chicago.



Author: Mr. America

I am an independent observer of life... amused and at the same time frightened by those who speak for the people and make no personal commitment to their stated beliefs. If you believe in global warming make a small personal carbon footprint don't force others. If you believe in freedom of speech, allow others to speak. Elected leaders, represent everyone not just your special interest groups. If you condemn racism don't tolerate it within your own race. If an opinion does not match yours, listen with an open mind you may be the one who is wrong.

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