Progressive solutions for inequality in anything…

Simply put I continue to be astounded by the logic of the Progressives.

Giving preferential treatment fixes unequal treatment.  Really?

Leveling the playing field is accomplished by digging holes some players must get out of before they can start to run.  Really?

Justice means ignoring criminal activity of certain groups.  Really?

Equality is measured by counting people in group outcomes not accomplishments of the individual given equal treatment.

Sigh…  they just don’t get it.

Author: Mr. America

I am an independent observer of life... amused and at the same time frightened by those who speak for the people and make no personal commitment to their stated beliefs. If you believe in global warming make a small personal carbon footprint don't force others. If you believe in freedom of speech, allow others to speak. Elected leaders, represent everyone not just your special interest groups. If you condemn racism don't tolerate it within your own race. If an opinion does not match yours, listen with an open mind you may be the one who is wrong.

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